Heal The Healers ~ Sacred Honouring of Earth's Ancestral Wisdom




Earth Needs Your Help By Activating Your Spiritual Design The Children of The Future Ask For Your Legacy To Be Lived Now To Create Their Future

The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Is Calling You Home

Connecting You To The Sacredness of All Life To Return To Wholeness

The greatest healing work you can explore and honour is that of your Ancestors.

The ones’ who have come before you, the ones that are not yet born. You are the Ancestor from the past for those in the future. Why wait until you are gone to create a legacy when you can do that now? Living on the Earth in Sacred Honouring is the key to transforming the relationship to your future Great-Grandchildren. They seek this clarity on their path, by the way you live & experience your life today.

“Awakening your cellular memory to centre in your authenticity to help your future great grandchildren by releasing unconscious restrictions.”

~ Deborah Skye King | Founder of Generational Healing®

Heal The Healers is a code of ethics that was in existance lifetimes ago, in a different cycle of Earth’s evolution.

Connecting to the Matriarchial Lineages from your future is how we heal the present to create new realities and heal Mother Earth’s species. Creating wholeness in alignement with one’s Authentic Self with Earth to Heal The Healers.

Become an influencer for the future generations. Creating new timelines that are designed by them.

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