December, 2020

Certification Training with Founder of Generational Healing®

thu03decAll Daysat12Certification Training with Founder of Generational Healing®(All Day)(GMT+00:00) Tikal, Guatemala Event Organized ByDeborah Skye King

Event Details

Generational Healing™ is a collaboration with Earth’s ancestors. In 2008 Deborah Skye was asked by her Elder Council, to go to a remote location in the Peten Jungle of Guatemala. With no previous experience in this country, she departed to meet her destiny on a cold wintry Canadian day, she arrived in Guatemala on October 28. Within hours of her arrival, she was lead to the entry gates of the Maya temple complex that was a remote and hidden temple in the jungle, this was the exact location she was directed to by her Council.

During the following 28 days, she would undergo initiations alone, all tempted to challenge her ability to trust, be courageous and lead from her heart. She was presented with ideas and concepts not yet living on the Earth, trusting her guidance was the only way for her to grasp the enormity of what was being presented and received. This was her first calling on her journey here, it would be the first of four years. Each successive year she would receive the calling to fly down to the region, embark upon wild and sacred ceremonies, some with the local indigenous Maya at other times with the Elder Council. She would travel alone and stay in remote locations so she could be undisturbed by electronics, people and daily interruptions. She spent days with the monkeys at the temples with the Ancestors taking in the teachings, complex order of timelines and daily working in parallel realities to integrate the work she was receiving. After four years of 28-40 days each, she was given the tools and timeline in which to present the work of Generational Healing™ to support humanity in the greatest transformation that has ever taken place on Earth, guiding the Ancestors and our planet through a new evolution.

You must have at least one year of consistent training with the Ancestors facilitating Generational Healing™- pre-requisite is the 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings.

Held in your physical body are densities that are epigenetically passed on from one generation to the next. This is known as transference. What is now understood is all trauma’s and pains are carried throughout each lineage until one person is ready and available to heal and complete the cycle inherited for future generations.

Women desire to be spiritually inspired, deeply nurtured and held in sacred union.
This is the place you learn from in the apprenticeship training, it is the spiritual, biological and emotional intelligence of cosmic earth energy.
This sacred union allows you to experience trust, joy, compassion, honesty, gratitude, love, presence, truth and a universal connection to Source.

There are 13 specific mystical wisdom teachings that have been designed & prepared to awaken, evoke, calibrate, instigate intellectual, emotional & spiritual memory with the intended outcome to empower you at your core, open your heart to the wisdom that is within your genetic bloodline. There is much you have yet to learn about you.

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