September, 2021

7-Day Generational Healing® Certification Training with Crystal Rasmussen in Lake Tahoe, CA USA

wed22sep(sep 22)1:00 pmtue28(sep 28)8:00 pm7-Day Generational Healing® Certification Training with Crystal Rasmussen in Lake Tahoe, CA USA1:00 pm - 8:00 pm (28)(GMT-07:00) Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, United States Event Organized ByCrystal Rasmussen

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Open Up To Your Spiritual Gifts & Work With The Earth’s Ancestors during a 7-Day Generational Healing® Certification

You know you want to serve humanity, awaken your healing abilities and heal yourself and your family. You know it’s time to deepen your commitment to opening up your spiritual gifts by releasing the pain and trauma that is passed down from one generation to another. You want to change the cycle of abuse, it’s obvious you are the one who can make the changes for future generations and your children.

Generational Healing® was received over four-years of initiation work at a Maya Pyramid in the Peten Jungle of Guatemala from 2008-2012. It was here in the ceremonial center that the Ancestors delivered a message to share with humanity; to heal the density of trauma still stored in the generational lineages that reside in your bloodline, to assist humanity and our Earth, so we can all move into the next evolution.

What you’ll receive upon completion of this training:

~ A deepened sense of gratitude and connection to your heart
~ New level of trust and confidence in yourself and your intuition
~ A more humbling understanding of how trauma affects your lineage as well as more compassion for your family, friends and people in your life
~ Feeling more present, safe, and grounded within your body
~ The ability to be more honest and authentic with yourself and others
~ A greater connection to your own ancient bloodline and the ancestors that have been asking for healing
~ A more expansive and trusting relationship with Earth
~ A new offering to serve your clients and support the healing of humanity
~ A practical application for using your spiritual gifts
~ Training on how to use Generational Healing® and create your own business as a Generational Healer® & Spiritual Guide

Join me for a live 7-Day Certification in Generational Healing® Certification in Lake Tahoe, CA September 19-25, 2021 with Crystal Rasmussen.

Your first step is to enroll in the Online Apprenticeship Training
The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings at
or enroll in the live version with Deborah Skye King by contacting Crystal.

“The Generational Healing® Certification Training altered the course of my life. When I first connected to the ancestor while facilitating a session, it was one of the most humbling, rewarding experiences I had ever had. I was able to become more present, confident and grounded within myself.” – Crystal

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“The training gave me a new and much larger perspective upon what’s beyond the mental space, and about the unseen world that speaks to us all the time.” – Andreea

Training Dates & Location:
September 19-25, 2021

What you will learn & experience in your 7-Day Training:

~ How to facilitate a Generational Healing® session
~ Learn how to work directly with the Ancestors to help in the releasing of stored densities in the bloodline.
~ How to support the ancestors to promote healing on Earth
~ What it means to be a Generational Healer® & Spiritual Guide in the context of this body of work
~ What you can do daily to deepen your connection to your own ancestors
~ You will both receive and facilitate Generational Healing® sessions giving you the opportunity to experience the work personally and practically.

** Prerequisite for the Generational Healing® Certification Training: The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Online Apprenticeship **

Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts During a 13-Week Wisdom Teaching Apprenticeship Training

“The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings was THE program that changed my life. Going through it I received so much more than I can even express. It helped me understand and honour my own sensitivities, supported me in grounding into my body and know what energies were mine and which were not, along with understanding what to do about it. I remember going through the course and observing how others would react and treat one another. The more work I did the less it affected me.

I felt more empowered, had stronger and healthier boundaries, was more focused and disciplined and began building trust and confidence within myself. It opened my heart. I had been so closed off to experiences, people, the world and this course helped me heal that part of me so that I could receive, so I could allow more in. I remember following the course loving my body, feeling confident, expanded and heart centered.” – Crystal Rasmussen

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