Your Ancestors Seek Healing From Within Your Family Lineages

Earth’s Ancient Wisdom is at the core of all of her teachings. The Ancestors have provided five levels of existence that dwells within the human energy field that makes one’s reality from their ancestral lineage. These core levels hold densities that seek healing and release. As a Generational Healer® you are initiated, trained and mentored during our apprenticeship training to receive, understand, embody, experience and express what the Ancestors seek to heal upon the Earth. This is for you, your children and Earth’s future.

Generational Healing® was received by Earth’s Ancient Elders in the jungle in Guatemala in 2008 during a four-year initiation apprenticeship with the Ancestors.


13-Week Mystical Wisdom Teachings

During your 13-week global Zoom live apprenticeship training with founder, Deborah Skye, you will be invited to experience the lifting of the viels of what you think you know and feel into a potent journey that erradicates fears and brings peaceful awareness, dispells perceptions from childhood that are untrue and brings liberation. 

You will feel safe in your body, in the world and embrace your spiritual gifts as you are initiated each week by the 13 Mystical Teachings that form the creation of reality in the energetic realm that make up your world, beliefs and behaviours.

You will learn new ways of being, communication, releasing old unconscious behaviours that limit you from experiencing your potential, self-love and acceptance of who you are in this life.


Apprenticeship Training Working With The Ancestors

Our 7-Day Generational Healing® Certification Training is a life altering experience. The foundational work of the 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Online Apprenticeship prepares you to enter into the sacred field of the Ancestors. 

Within these 7-days the experiences that unfold will reshape what you believe you can do by experience the connection with Earth’s Ancestors to heal humanity, our planet and eliminate future entanglements within each persons family lineage. You also receive 3-months of extensive online mentoring training afterward your 7-day in-person certification training with Crystal Rasmussen, our lead Generational Healing® Teacher & Director of Operations. 

Embrace The Healer Within Become a Generational Healer®

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"My experience with the 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings and Generational Healing® was the most sacred commitment I've ever made to my ancestors, myself and future generations to come. For many years of my life, I longed to understand the dysfunctions and trauma that plagued my family, including myself, that I've spent over a decade of trying to heal and overcome completely."

Sarah Christine Gill  Sarah Christine Gill -

"Before the Generational Healing® I could not understand how powerful I actually am when I am grounded and connected. Powerful in such a beautiful way! Being able to connect with the ancestors seemed impossible, surreal. Now I see the world differently and I have a better understanding of the quantum field and how everything is energy. And it is the direct experience that makes it real."

Dr. Andreea  Dr. Andreea -

Managing Energy Field

Managing your energy field asks for you to connect in the moment to all of your senses,
thoughts, focus and intentions.

Emotional Sensitivity

Language is composed of ideas from others opinions,

13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings

Grounding Your Energy

As a spirited being housed in a physical body, you are tender, sensitive and easily affected when energy is manipulated or mismanaged.

Clearing Entanglement

An entanglement is when two or more energies intermingle and combine to merge with one another.

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