10 Signs Your Ancestors are Asking for Healing

Co-authored by Vanessa Faria and Vanessa Benlolo

Our connection with our ancestors is potent and alive within us. We feel their presence and influence on our lives daily in how we feel emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, whether we are fully conscious of it or not. Much of what we experience may be due to an ancestor’s unhealed trauma.

As Generational Healers™ and Spiritual Guides we get asked often, how do you know if your ancestor is asking for healing?

Here are ten signs that your ancestors are asking for healing: You have been witnessing patterns show up in you that you also notice in your parents or grandparents. You feel as though you are carrying the burdens and densities of your parents, and experience heavy energy on a daily basis.

      1. Emotionally, you may feel as though you lack lustre, vibrancy, and the lightness you know deep down you were born to express and share with the world. You feel disconnected from your heart’s truth and purpose and find yourself living from what your family has done for years. All you desire is to feel an expansion in your heart and see the world with more joy.
      2. You notice that you hold and repeat thoughts, similar to that of your mother or father’s lineage, over and over in your mind. Do you hear yourself saying or thinking, ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I can’t trust anyone,’ or ‘if I show my true self, I won’t be loved’? These thoughts and beliefs limit you from being your true self and may originate from one of your ancestor’s traumatic experiences that is asking to be healed.
      3. You experience specific physical ailments that your parents or great-grandparents have experienced or are currently experiencing. Or you may feel physical pain and have tried many healing techniques and modalities to no avail. You may even experience pain in your body but have no history of injury or cognitive understanding of where the source of this pain originates. You may also have deep seated fear of certain physical experiences: going on boats, swimming, flying, being in the dark, etc. that may be related to an ancestor’s experience.
      4. You recently became interested in creating a family tree and learning about your heritage. You feel disconnected from your family, its history and often wonder, “Is there anyone like me in this family?” There is a desire that comes from your heart or curiosity to find a deeper connection to your lineage, and possibly even find belonging.
      5. If you have children, you also notice that some of the patterns, beliefs or habits that you hold are starting to show up in the way your children behave, see or experience the world. You see unhealthy or disruptive patterns in yourself or your life mirroring that of your parents and you want to heal these patterns for your lineage so you and your children can be free to be themselves without the densities of these past traumas.
      6. You feel you are the one in your family where the trauma must end. You feel responsible to heal and you take this role as an honour. Maybe you find yourself asking whether there’s anything you can do to heal the wounds that you have seen show up in your loved ones. You wish that you could ease their suffering, as well as your own but don’t know how. It feels as though everything you’ve tried in the past or on your own, hasn’t provided the outcomes you desire.
      7. You desire to feel lighter, and experience a sense of clarity and freedom in your own identity. It would be amazing for you to be able to face your life with more confidence, ease, and a clearer understanding of where some of these past burdens have originated so that you can begin living your individual soul’s purpose and follow your own blueprint.
      8. You have a strong sense that your ancestors are desiring to communicate with you, and share with you. You’re someone who already has connection with their ancestors, but would like to deepen the relationship and experience healing at a profoundly transformational level.


  • You feel drawn to healing your family lineage and are reading this article right now. Our ancestors send us to the places, people and experiences that will allow for the greatest connection between worlds. One of the greatest signs of knowing your ancestors desire to heal and work with you is being drawn intuitively to the Generational Healing™ work.


When our ancestors transition, what is left unhealed within them, is still present within us. Our ancient bloodline holds its density within Mother Earth. Prior to us joining the earthly plane, we chose our lineage and in this choosing, we assumed responsibility to healing the the traumas that this lineage carries. Our soul knows this is a deep honour and Gaia is thankful for each step that we take to heal and evolve, so we may release these densities and match her high vibration.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, your ancestor is prompting you to be responsible to healing your lineage and receive their unconditional love and gratitude. Connect with one of the many certified Generational Healers™ below to support you in healing with your ancestors.




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